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Australian teachers are being asked to teach unfamiliar subjects, leading to poor student outcomes and increased teacher stress levels.

A recent study conducted by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) found that more than a quarter of grade 7-10l teachers are teaching a subject they have not studied above first year at university and for which they have not received training in teaching methodology

In some of the worst cases identified, teachers have been put on stress medication and needed counselling to cope with the burden of roles for which they don't have the proper training.

Australian schools are experiencing the greatest shortage of qualified teachers in technical areas.

The issue is compounded in low socio-economic schools, 31 per cent of year 7 to 10 teachers in these schools are in out-of-field areas, compared to 22 percent of teachers in well-off schools. It’s even worse in rural or remote schools where 41 percent of teachers are in out-of-field classes, compared to 24 percent of teachers in metropolitan schools. 


Could Imparo’s tuition model help solve many of the issues Australia faces in its education sector? We think so.


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