About Us

Quality Tutuors

Our tutors are carefully selected from a large applicant pool. Positivity is a requirement for us. When a student is supported and inspired, they are driven to succeed and can achieve anything to which they set their mind. The presence of a positive, mature and knowledgeable tutor can break negative barriers to education and ultimately improve student outcomes. Our tutors come from a range of cultural backgrounds.

Reasonable Prices

Our prices are set at a very reasonable rate and our tutors are paid well. We also offer great discount options for families with multiple children and roup discounts apply.

Centrelink Discount

We firmly believe in equality of opportunity and often some of the most disadvantaged students could benefit the most from private tuition. If your family is on Centrelink payments, we offer a heavily discounted rate. We have access to the Centrelink database to confirm eligibility. Prices are available in the "Pricing and Plans" tab.

What does Imparo mean? it's Italian for "I Learn" and part of a larger quote by Michelangelo "Ancora Imparo" which translates to "I am still learning". It's also the motto for Monash University, where the founders of Imparo first met.