Frequently asked Questions

Can I choose when I work?

Yes. Once you are registered with Imparo, you will have access to a dynamic timetable that allows you to easily choose your preferences.

How do students find me?

Students may access your timetable through your profile.  We will send you a confirmation email when you have been booked.

How much can I earn?

You will be paid above award rates. Class sizes are from one to four students. Payment increases with larger group sizes.

Can I teach online?

The Imparo online platform allows you to teach effectively from home. Online tuition is growing rapidly and we expect many students to choose this option.

What is the Badge system?

We acknowledge outstanding and dedicated teachers. Teachers receive badges for their achievements that are displayed on their profile. More badges = greater visibility = more students

How long are lessons?

Lessons vary from: - 1 hour - 1 hour 30 minutes - 2 hours

How can I find a teacher?

You will have the opportunity to search for teachers who specialise in your subject and learning level. A dynamic timetable allows you to choose a time slot and get a quick confirmation from your teacher. The teacher can either come to your house or you can choose to benefit from the Imparo online platform.

Can my classmates/family members join?

Absolutely! Great learning happens in groups and we encourage students to form study groups (maximum of four). Students benefit from a more valuable learning experience as well as cheaper rates as group size increases.

Is it Safe?

A safe learning environment is essential for students to have open communication with teachers. Imparo thoroughly interviews all teachers and conducts industry standard background checks, including the Working with Children Check and Blue Card.

Can I book the same tutor again?

Yes. You can make use of the great discounts available by booking multiple lessons. The "Repeat Booking" function in the timetable page allows you to book multiple lessons with the same tutor.