Tira Risnandar

Subjects: Language - Indonesian/English

State: New South Wales

Other place of employment: Education First

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About me

English as a Second/Foreign Language; General English; IELTS Preparation; Beginner/Elementary Indonesian Language; Intermediate Indonesian Language.

Tutoring approach

One-on-one tutoring is very important for foreign language learning as each student has their own individual learning style, and students progress at different speeds. English as a second/foreign language can be really tricky, so it is very important for an ESL tutor to understand various methods and be able to adapt ideas to different learning styles. I like to focus on a communicative, relaxed approach to ensure the student feels comfortable and confident to use the target language. I always try to explain different aspects of the target language by giving examples, asking follow-up questions, and explaining grammar points through examples instead of just correcting grammatical errors. My experience teaching large and small groups has helped me truly understand the difficulties students experience when learning a foreign language, and the typical misunderstandings that occur at different levels.

Education and Qualifications

Other(Diploma of Modern Languages / TESOL Master Certificate)

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